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Batwoman Rises In Her First Trailer


“Crows represent order,” says a voice at the beginning of the first trailer for The CW’s Batwoman, premiering this fall. Crows do whatever the heck they want, so what’s the man talking about? He’s referring to the militant police force Gotham City has established in the wake of Batman’s disappearance.

“Batman gave up on us,” somebody we can’t identify yet says in front of a podium. Seems unlike him, doesn’t it? But don’t blame Bruce — blame Warner Bros. and their longstanding rule that says Batman can never ever appear on a live-action television show because he’s strictly a movie dude. This means they have to satisfy the demand for Bat-TV with a lot of workarounds like “Gotham” and this.

Crows aren’t gonna cut it for Kate Kane, cousin of Bruce Wayne. When she hears an old flame has been kidnapped by one of Batman’s old rogues, she decides the cape and cowl are coming back even if she has to fill them. The enemies are also substitutions — we don’t get the Mad Hatter, we get “Alice,” who runs along the same theme.

Kate marches into the abandoned Wayne Enterprises skyscraper to get her cousin’s old stuff. The only person there is the security guard, who does a pitiful job of preventing Kate from discovering the Batcave (though she appears to already know about it). She then orders the guard to re-tailor the Batsuit to fit her figure.

Of course, she doesn’t even need it. We see in the trailer that Kate does just fine without Batman’s gadgets or utility belt, making short work of Alice’s rabbit-masked thugs. This is more of an image thing.

Batwoman will air Sundays this fall on The CW.