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Batwoman Has Been Given Full Season Order At CW


The DC/CW universe that has been going on for 8+ years has hit an important year. Arrow is ending soon, its pseudo-sequel “Green Arrow and the Canaries (based on the future storyline set up in seasons 7 & 8) is getting a backdoor pilot, Crisis on Infinite Earths is less than 2 months away, and Batwoman has made her series debut on Sunday nights. Of these, Batwoman has been dubbed the “weak link” by some, and yet, according to Deadline and others, the ratings are so strong that the series has gotten a season pickup.

While some have noted the “small” ratings of certain parts of the episodes, they failed to acknowledge the DVR/delayed viewings of the series. Not to mention the pilot episode and the encore of the pilot in the same week both got over 1 million views. Plus, it’s stayed over a million throughout its first three episodes, even beating veteran series Supergirl on Sunday nights.

The full season is now 22 episodes, and will ensure that Batwoman is there beyond Crisis on Infinite Earths. Whether a second season is ordered will have to be seen, but for now, it’s hopeful.

Plus, with more episodes comes even more chances for Ruby Rose to show why Kate Kane is an important member of the Bat-Family.