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Batman Vs Iron Man Arrives As Death Battle Returns

Batman Vs Iron Man

It seems like it’s been a long time since Death Battle graced us with another epic matchup. And in fact, it’s been 3 months today. They have been busy going and making the rest of the 16-episode season (down from 20 last year but that was due to the pandemic hurting things over at Rooster Teeth) and they used DBX as a buffer to help keep things flowing. But at last, Season 8 has returned, and the first matchup is one that is many years in the making…Batman Vs Iron Man.

Now, to those who think that “this is a stomp” because Batman on his own couldn’t go and defeat the Iron Man armor, you’d be right. But Death Battle stated right off the bat (man) that this fight will feature many of Batman’s top-tier suits and even specifically showed off the legendary Hellbat suit. So this fight is going to be much closer than you realize no matter who wins. So if you want to go and see who wins the “battle of the billionaires”, check out Batman Vs Iron Man below:

As for the next episode, we have something truly unique and one that many likely didn’t see coming.

It’s going to be Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super versus Eobard Thawne, aka The Reverse Flash. This is a curious matchup because it’s not exactly one that a “versus debate” would go and choose at first. But, when you look at what these characters are at their cores, you see the connections. They’re “dark reflections” of heroes, and their goal is literally to wreck everything that they stood for and kill anyone that is associated with them out of spite.

Goku Black gained a LOT of popularity during the Zamasu arc in Dragon Ball Super and Reverse-Flash has been an ever-present threat in the Flash TV series so this one will be very interesting…as well as evil.