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Batman, Superman, Adult Swim Spinoffs: All The Toons Announced Today By WB


Boy, did Warner Bros and DC drop a lot of news on us a few hours ago. We’ll try to pack it all into one post as best we can.

A few months back a rumor was floating around that Bruce Timm had been invited back to WB to create more episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Fans were pumped for the possibility because, though the show got more episodes than most, it was cut off abruptly during the Kids WB years. Timm has said in interviews he could easily have done more. Looks like Timm IS working for WB again, and it IS a Batman cartoon…but the similarity to the rumor stops there.

Instead of more BTAS we’re getting a new take on Batman that also involves The Batman director Matt Reeves and “The Jay Leno of Sci-Fi” JJ Abrams. All we know about Batman: Caped Crusader is what we can glean from the promotional art: Bats gots loooong ears. We have no idea why they want to start over when there’s still a rich mythos to be tapped in the series he never completed.

There’s a new Superman show coming too! My Adventures With Superman will depict Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen during their young freshman years at the Daily Planet. We love the art style that feels inspired by 1980s anime. This one’s being developed for both HBO Max and Cartoon Network (we hope the latter treats it right). The show will star Jack Quaid (The Boys) as Clark and Alice Lee (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist) as Lois.

On the Adult Swim side, Rick and Morty is sorta getting a spinoff….kinda. The Vindicators will focus on the super-team we saw in the third episode of the third season (they all died in that episode thanks to Rick, so we assume this will be a prequel). You can also expect a Robot Chicken spinoff called Alabama Jackson and Aquadonk Side Pieces. a series focusing on the side characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. These spinoffs will not air on Adult Swim proper, but are made specifically for “digital platforms”…which could mean AS.com or the less-traveled corners of HBO Max.