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Batman Azteca Announced For HBO Max

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Did you ever read about the slaughtering of indigenous Mesoamericans by the Spanish Conquistadors and think to yourself, “Man, if only Batman had been there, he could have stopped the whole thing”? Do we have a movie for you.

Warner Bros. has announced a partnership with HBO Max’s Latin American division to produce Batman Azteca, a retelling of the Dark Knight story that takes place in the ancient Aztec Empire instead of a modern metropolis. The official title is Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios, or in English, Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires.

Yohualli Coatl was a young Aztec boy who seemed to have it all — his father, Toltecatzin, was the village leader — until the day came when he witnessed his poor Pop’s murder at the hands of Conquistadors. He vowed from that day to devote his life to stopping the Spaniards and began training with with mentor and assistant, Acatzin (which must be Aztec for Alfred), developing the most sophisticated weapons and battle gear society could offer.

Then comes the day he’s been preparing for: the day Cortez and his army will arrive on shore to destroy, kill and plunder. He suits up his utility belt and heads for Tenochtitlan to warn King Moctezuma about the approaching danger.

So the question is, does this story end differently? As history tells, the whole country would meet a tragic end…but with BATMAN on Moctezuma’s side, how can he possibly lose? Cortez has a Batarang destined for his face, and a trip to whatever the 16th century version of Arkham Asylum is in his future!

Batman Azteca will be produced entirely in Mexico with Juan Meza-León directing and José C. García de Letona, Aaron D. Berger, Carina Schulze and Fernando De Fuentes producing. Horacio Garcia Rojas will voice the lead character. The movie is just now getting underway and has no release date as of yet.

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