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We Bare Bears Renewed For Third Season

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Cartoon Network announced today We Bare Bears has been renewed for its third season, taking the show at least through 2018.

We Bare Bears is about three large ursines who are brothers despite being different subspecies: the bold Grizz, the panicky and social-media-obsessed Panda, and Ice Bear, who simply is. Together they get into trouble frequently and walk around the Bay Area on top of each other in a phenomenon known as the “bearstack.” The supporting cast includes the bears’ Korean friend Chloe, the Yeti “pal” they put up with (Charlie), and the arrogant diva koala Nom Nom, all of which have been confirmed to return, as well as the reappearance of Ranger Tabes. The show began airing early last year and is currently running through Season 2.

If you haven’t started watching We Bare Bears yet, you should. It’s quieter and less in-your-face than most of CN’s other offerings, but it’s very charming and funny. And like its more popular neighbor Steven Universe, it can often make you cry as much as laugh. Plus, Ice Bear.

CN has also confirmed the new season will include We Bear Bears‘ first holiday special. Special guest voices for future episodes include comedian Ron Funches and voice actor John DiMaggio — this is in addition to a show that boasts people like Patton Oswalt (Nom Nom), Jason Lee (Charlie) and Ellie Kemper (Lucy) in its reoccurring cast.