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Bad News About DC Universe, But Good News About Harley Quinn

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We’ve got some good news and some bad news today regarding DC Universe, the superhero-flavored streaming channel from Warner Bros.

Let’s give you the bad news first. The future fate of the service, which was becoming more and more obvious, has now been made blatant. WB confirmed this morning that DC Universe will soon no longer exist in its present form. That doesn’t, however, mean that it’s going away forever.

WB is focusing its efforts on chasing a bigger market with HBO Max, and shoving all it can into the streamer’s maw, including shows that originally debuted on DC Universe. Doom Patrol, Young Justice, Titans and Harley Quinn have all been moved there (Stargirl defected to The CW). There’s nothing really left anymore but comic books…but you still get your money’s worth in that department.

DC Universe’s digital library of comics covers over 24,000 issues from decades of the company’s history, and new issues are added all the time (one year after they see print). Most fans accepted the inevitable demise of DC Universe months ago, but they worried about the fate of this digital library.

WB now says starting January 2021, the service will be rebranded DC Universe Infinite and focus solely on the comics. The delay for adding new issues will be diminished to six months, while digital-exclusive titles like Batman: The Adventures Continue will only be delayed by three months. As far as the price is concerned….it’s staying at $7.99, which doesn’t seem smart to us.

Now for the good news. HARLEY QUINN IS SAVED! WB confirmed a Season 3 renewal for the chaotic DC satire, which will of course premiere on HBO Max. This means that all the DC Universe originals are guaranteed to live on for at least one more season. Whether any of them make it to any seasons beyond that is up to ratings.