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Over the holiday, the Japanese trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released overseas. Foreign trailers are cut by different people and tend to reveal things the American promo campaign didn’t plan to.

The Japanese trailer starts out with a scene we’ve seen before, depicting what is obviously Green Hill Zone from Sonic’s original game, and a blue blur speeding around, looping the loops, and collecting floating rings. Then he stops and….it’s Sonic, but not the version we all know. He’s a baby, and he has a flower for you!

We never find out who the flower is for (guess we’ll have to buy a ticket for the answer to that one) but it’s Baby Sonic and he’s adorable, and Sega knows it, because the trailer also includes a pitch for merch of him.

The timing really couldn’t have been better for Paramount or Sega, given the instant celebrity bestowed upon another “baby” version of an iconic character (even if The Mandalorian’s “Child” isn’t specifically Yoda). And yes, a coincidence is all it is: this movie has been in development for years and most likely had a “Baby Sonic” scene well before the world knew of Baby Yoda.

It makes one wonder, though, if we’re on the verge of a trend. We’re just enough removed from the 1980s now for everyone to forget the last time the culture was buried in “baby” versions of popular characters. What could come about this time? Baby Witcher? Baby Bojack Horseman?

Now think about this: BECAUSE development has taken so long, there was likely a version of the Baby Sonic scene in the cut of the movie with the original, hideous rendering of Sonic. Imagine a Baby Sonic rendered in THAT style. People would not be cooing in adoration right now!

Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog, with multigenerational versions of its star character, will speed into theaters February 14.


  1. [QUOTE=”JoeMabbon, post: 87671651, member: 177771″]
    Yeah, a “coincidence.” Because this production has never gone back and reworked itself to cravenly appeal to the audience.
    Well, at least I hope Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t suffer the same fate as Cats (second trailer better received than first trailer but film becomes a critical and box office disaster).

  2. [QUOTE=”Chocolate Fizzles, post: 87684529, member: 230472″]
    This baby trend, it’s got to go man
    Why do you say that? The baby scene in sonic played a short role in the movie and didn’t feel out if place.

  3. [QUOTE=”SkyPikachu, post: 87684595, member: 307655″]
    Why do you say that? The baby scene in sonic played a short role in the movie and didn’t feel out if place.
    Well it’ll eventually be milked dry as usual and become a tired trend if repeatedly done. Baby Sonic, ok. Baby Peanut, how to milk a character to death.