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Avengers Team Talks Spider-Man Content For Game

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There’s a lot of hype and nervousness about the upcoming Avengers title from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. On one hand it seems like a sprawling adventure featuring many of Marvel’s greatest heroes and focusing on a somewhat underappreciated story arc in the comics via the Disassembled storyline. However, certain gameplay features, character models and more have raised many questions. As well decisions like to have additional characters for specific consoles, including Spider-Man only on the PS4.

Many gamers haven’t taken kindly to this for a variety of reasons. Mainly because it seems a little odd that a multi-platform game like this would have such a popular character exclusive to one system. What’s more, it remains to be seen if the Xbox will get an exclusive character (none announced at present though Hawkeye is also being added after launch) and if so, who.

The team did an interview and lightly explained the plans for not just Spider-Man, but other characters in the Avengers game that’ll come after launch and how they’ll fit into the bigger puzzle.

For example, they noted that this is THEIR Spider-Man, not the same one that was in the beloved Spider-Man title that was exclusive to the PS4. Furthermore, how Spidey will act in the Avengers game will fit solely for him, including how certain villains of his will apparently arrive and interact with everyone. They made sure to note that there won’t be any “swapping in and out” like certain games do with additional characters.

Spider-Man will play a part in the “progression” of the main story, whatever that will be. Same with Hawkeye and any other characters that will be brought into the game.

It’s apparently all part of a major plan for the game, so gamers will have to see how it all plays out when it launches on September 4th.