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Avengers Game Has Been Delayed

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March and April of 2020 are aiming to be one of the most stacked decks in the history of video games. With multiple titles, including many exclusives coming across all platforms both console and PC. But now, there’s been a disturbance, as certain titles have been delayed. One of them being the Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics.

In a press release, the team revealed that they were going to take some extra time to get the game done, so instead of its original release date, the game will now come out on September 4th, 2020.

This is a big blow, as this was one of the bigger exclusives that was coming out to consoles, and it was the first Avengers game to ever truly be made in the style of the Batman Arkham titles or the recent Spider-Man game that came out on PS4. It was going to feature the Avengers and their allies teaming up against AIM and other threats as they tried to save the world and clear their names from the events of A-Day that painted the Avengers in a negative light.

The Avengers game itself has been hyped up for many years, including from a now slightly infamous teaser of Crystal Dynamics saying that they’re working on the title. It wasn’t until E3 2019 that the game finally got the reveal, and since then, gameplay footage and more has slowly been shown.

It hasn’t all been good though, there have been some knocks on the game, including the looks of some of the characters. Captain America’s character model for example had him looking very old, while Black Widow looked very plastic-y in her face. But this didn’t stop players from wanting to get a hold of the game.

We’ll have to see if that hype holds as we wait for the new release date.