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Avatar: The Last Airbender Tabletop RPG Announced


Aang and his friends have visited many places, but there’s one realm the Gaang has never explored: the tabletop gaming genre. Seems like a weird oversight given how just about every other popular property has been given its own tabletop RPG in recent years (there has to be a Spongebob variant of Dungeons and Dragons out there somewhere).

Magpie Games and Aang’s owners ViacomCBS are now teaming up to fill that hole, and doubly so. Not only is Avatar: The Last Airbender being translated into tabletop form, so is its sequel series The Legend Of Korra. There is no indication that these are separate releases — looks like the entire Bending Universe will come packaged in one box.

Players will each come up with their own original characters, be they Earth Benders or Water Benders, or people without powers (nah, everyone’s gonna play someone with powers). We’re not sure if central characters like Sokka, Toph or Asami are off-limits, but we’re willing to bet the rulebook doesn’t prevent you from playing as Foamy Mouth Guy.

RPG writer James Mendez Hodes is leading development on the project. He’s been on the staff of several other tabletop RPGS including 7th Sea, Scion and Monsterhearts. He says the Avatar RPG will be “easy to learn, flexible, and fun to design in even if you’re new to game design.”

Ready to dive in? Hold on there. It’ll be a year before we see anything from the Avatar: The Last Airbender Tabletop RPG…the core rulebook won’t be released until February 2022. But once it appears, it’ll be followed up by two supplements: one adding Republic City from Korra’s time to the game, and a second that will let your characters journey to the Spirit World. They’ll each be released six months apart, so the Spirit World book won’t be here until February 2023.