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Avatar The Last Airbender Tabletop Game Delayed


The Avatar cartoon universe is set to blow up in a big way soon. Because between things like the ongoing Dark Horse Comics that continue to tell stories within the realm of Legend of Korra, and the birth of Avatar Studios that will be bringing even MORE Avatar content like the return of the animated series, there’s a lot to be excited for. However, that doesn’t mean that more content isn’t coming out soon enough. As a tabletop game based in Avatar The Last Airbender titled Avatar Legends was successfully done and funded. But…now there’s a problem

On the official page for the crowdfunding, a message was sent out to note that the game would be delayed:

“After a lot of digging and searching, we are sad to say that simply due to the volume of printed materials, we need to delay when you will be receiving the physical copies of the game,” said Magpie Games. “It turns out that printing over 200,000 books—plus hundreds of thousands of journals, cards, and dice—will take much longer than usual due to cardboard and paper shortages. But even without those shortages, it’s just a very very high volume of books! Even if our printers manufacture ten thousand or more books a week… it would still take months to print all these books!”

In case you didn’t know, the team was only asking for $50,000. A large amount for a tabletop game but they did need it as you could see. But instead, they got over $9 million in funds raised. So you can understand why their early projections on the shipping weren’t accurate.

“We apologize for the shipping delay. We know it’s not ideal, and we’re so sad we can’t make magic happen,” continued Magpie Games.

No doubt fans will be fine with waiting as long as they get the game eventually.