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Avatar Legends Is The Most Successful Tabletop RPG In Kickstarter History

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Remember that Avatar The Last Airbender tabletop game we mentioned was coming back in February? It launched its Kickstarter campaign earlier this month and it’s grown way beyond what anyone anticipated. In fact it’s now the highest-earning tabletop RPG in Kickstarter history, by a mile.

The previous record was set by an unofficial D&D expansion called Strongholds and Followers, which raised $2.1 million through its entire campaign. Avatar Legends raised that much in mere days, and the total is still climbing. As of this writing, it’s about to surpass the $7 million mark and may do so by Monday morning.

There are plenty of reasons for this game to be in such demand. For one, it’s the first official Avatar-based tabletop game to ever be sold — years of pent-up demand is crashing against this one product. For another, it’s all-encompassing…it doesn’t just cover the era of the original series, but The Legend of Korra and a few other generations not explored by any series yet. Which brings us to the coolest part of Avatar Legends: canon facts about the Avatar world will be revealed for the first time in the core rulebook.

The Avatar Legends campaign has done so well that the company behind it, Magpie Games, ran out of stretch goals halfway through. Making new ones required renegotiating with the company that owns Aang. “Viacom is working with us to speed up the process, but it normally takes 10+ days for the process. We’re so grateful they’re working with us to get things moving!” said Magpie Games. “Our next stretch goal will be at 6 Million! Once we can reveal the details, we will! Stay tuned!”

The campaign blew past six million already, and revealed the bonus item to be a virtual tabletop companion app. The $7 million goal, which is very likely to happen, is a hardcover collection of all five adventure booklets, plus bonus content.

You have until September 3 to secure your copy of the Avatar Legends tabletop RPG. Multiple tiers are available for every pocketbook, including Winged Lemur at $50 (all unlocked PDF rewards and the core rulebook). Otter Penguin at $75 (all rewards, the rulebook and all physical stretch goals), and Polar Bear Dog at $100 (everything plus the rulebook with an exclusive campaign cover).