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Attack On Titan Season 2 May Not Come Out In 2016

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The first season of Attack On Titan premiered in 2013 in Japan and became instantly popular around the globe. It’s set in a world where the remainder of humanity must fight for survival against the onslaught of Titans, gigantic humanoid monsters that roam around mindlessly looking for people to snack on. Toonami aired the dubbed version in 2014. Since then, everyone’s been wondering: where’s Season 2? Originally, it was presumed to be coming out in Japan sometime this year.

There have been signs the second season wouldn’t actually make that date, and now it appears to be all but official. Crunchyroll reports that the Spanish distribution company SelectaVisión, an outfit that hasn’t hesistated to break news about delays in the past, recently told a fan not to expect Attack On Titan’s second season to be delivered in 2016. This would match implications made by manga publisher Kodansha earlier this year.

If not 2016 then when? Not much long after. SelectaVisión says Production I.G. is now shooting for a Winter 2017 release, and the Japanese version could make its debut as early as January.