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Attack On Titan Season 4’s Midseason Premiere Gets Title Reveal


Attack On Titan is still very much one of the most important anime and manga to come out in the last decade. It helped change perceptions of manga and anime in various ways, including the darkness of the story, the complex natures of characters, and more. The catch though is that while the manga is done, the anime has yet to finish all of its episodes. Season 4 was a bit longer than people expected, and this year only marked the end of the first-half of the finale.

We know that Attack On Titan Season 4 will come back in 2022, but now, we know a little bit more about it. In Japan, they’ll release the first episode on the first day of the new year. Just as important, the title of that first episode has been revealed: Condemnation.

This title is very poetic given the events of the first half of the season. We’ll break that down, so if you haven’t seen it yet, now is the best time to turn away.

For a while now, Eren has been changing his perspective in regards to what it means to go and save his homeland as well as his friends. As a result of that, in the midseason finale, Eren defected from the Paradis army along with a group of others and is now on the run for his life. What’s more, both he and his followers aren’t afraid to spill blood, and have already done so. As such, his actions are very much worthy of…condemnation.

While we won’t spoil the end of the manga, we will say that it now falls on Eren’s former friends to try and stop his mad reign from happening in the first place. Not an easy feat given who he is.

No word yet on the Dubbed version of the final episodes, but they will no doubt come soon after the subbed versions air.