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Attack On Titan Manga Gets Special Trailer For Its Final Volume

Attack on Titan Eren vs. Colossal Titan

Attack On Titan is a story that absolutely changed the game when it came out, and in many ways heralded the “next age of anime”. It told a dark and brutal story that entranced just about all who read them, and then became the hit anime that brought many to the anime table for the first time. While the hit show is on hiatus as the final episodes are made, the manga itself is done, and a special moment has been reached as a result.

Because Kodansha Manga has revealed the release date for the final volume of Attack On Titan. Volume 34 contains the final chapters that conclude the saga of Erin Yaeger, Mikasa, and more. From the gripping battles that would define their world, to the tragedies and sacrifices that were made in order to get true peace, it’ll all be there in the final volume. To celebrate its upcoming release on the 19th, the team made a special anime showcasing some of the final chapters key moments. Complete with voice acting and special renderings of the panel.

Those who have been fans of the manga since the beginning will no doubt want to collect this final volume so that their collection is truly complete.

As for those waiting on the anime to return, the second half of season 4 is under development and is aiming to release in 2022 at some time. Despite a shift in the animation studio, the quality of the first half was praised, as well as much of the story as time slowly winds down in the show towards the final episode.

Given some of the important moments from the manga, and how close the show has stuck to the manga, one has to wonder how it’ll all be rendered when the time comes. We’ll find out soon enough.