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Attack on Titan Fans Are Fighting Over Supporting Mappa Studio


To say that anime has very passionate fanbases is honestly…an understatement. Depending on the anime and its impact on them and others the fanbase can be the biggest source of pride…or disappointment. What we mean by this is that not unlike with comics, video games, movies, and more, there are toxic fans who go and blast anyone who supports what they think is wrong with what they love. And right now, the show that is dividing the fanbase in certain ways is Attack on Titan.

If you don’t know, Attack on Titan is by and large one of the biggest and most successful animes in recent years (before being topped by My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer) and was a show that many fans loved for its dark story, twisting dynamics, great characters, and of course, it’s beautiful animation. Season 4 is the final season and it’s airing right now. But fan response hasn’t been as unified as with previous seasons. In fact, many fans are going after the studio, Mappa, itself and insulting its director. So much so that he dropped off Twitter and came back asking for kindness as they show off their work.

The fans at times…didn’t listen.

Naturally, a bunch of TRUE fans came forward and started a “Thank You Mappa” movement to help enforce that it was just a small group of toxic fans insulting the team, but the battle has been going on with each new episode.

Some are criticizing the use of CG for the Titans and certain other things. Others are criticizing the soundtrack of the most recent episode, and on it goes.

Mappa should be praised for their bravery because after Wit Studios dropped out of making the final season, Mappa was the only studio willing to pick it up and run with it. And if you actually watch the anime with an unbiased mind, you can see that they’re more than meeting expectations.