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Attack On Titan English Voice Actors Talk About Their Excitement For Final Season

Attack on Titan Don't Eat Me, Bro

The final season of Attack on Titan has finally come, and with it, an ending to a story a long time coming…and yet one that no one knows in regards to how it’ll end (as the manga is still ongoing). Fans have been waiting a LONG time for this final season, and with the switch in animation studios and other factors, many were wondering how everything would play out quality-wise. Well, sure enough, the season has been going strong so far, and even the voice actors can’t help but sing praises about it.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, two of the English voice actors for the dub of Attack on Titan, Bryce Papenbrook and Josh Grelle, talked about the final season and what has them most excited about it, and even how they go about handling finding out more about the story.

For example, Bryce Papenbrook is the voice of Eren Jaeger, the series former protagonist turned main antagonist by the time we get to Season 4. The main reason he’s excited about it is that he doesn’t know how it’ll end. He intentionally goes “spoiler-free’ as he’s reading scripts and voicing Eren because he wants nothing more than to go and be surprised about what happens. Even admitting he didn’t see any of the major twists coming because of this approach.

Grelle mimicked that sentiment by noting that they’ve all had guesses on how the story of the show would go, and Grelle’s personally guesses have been wrong every single time. Which shows just how atypical the show is in its storylines and characters.

With the final season rolling on there are still plenty of mysteries out there to be solved, including the biggest one of all…how it will end. Fans will just have to be patient as the final episodes of the series continue to roll out!


  1. I do wonder how far they followed in the manga’s storyline though before they went off script though. I just got the recent manga volume released in English, and yikes, the back cover summary alone is a HUGE spoiler on the storyline. I do hope the anime got this manga’s story into their storyline.