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Attack On Titan Drops Teaser For First Episode Of Final Set

Attack on Titan Eren vs. Colossal Titan

The time of Titans is slowly drawing to a close. The manga of Attack on Titan has finished, and the anime is following close behind it. The first half of Season 4 debuted earlier and was met with a lot of praise, but also criticism. Which made it all the more shocking to fans that the final season was split up into two parts. The first episode of the final set is going to be called “Judgment” and will debut this January, and the team behind the show have released a small teaser.

The teaser showcases much of what happened in the previous set of episode from Attack on Titan, including many of the battles that raged across the show’s world, as well as the characters as they tried to handle what happened. With the manga finished, and the story now on a path towards a definitive conclusion, it’s going to be very interesting to see just how close the final episodes mimick the final chapters of the manga.

There’s no doubt that the final episodes of the hit anime are going to be special not just from a story standpoint, but from a visual one. The original team behind the show (that helped make it stand out from the others) bowed out after Season 3. But the new team behind it have done an impressive job of taking what came before and making it their own.

The reason that so many fans are eager for the final episodes is because this was one of a handful of anime that very much changed the game when it came out. It spawned a fervor for more intense anime and we have gotten it with shows like Demon Slayer among others. So hopefully the show is able to go out on the high note like many feel it deserves.