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Attack On Titan Announces FINAL Final Season

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A casual watcher of Attack On Titan would observe the subtitle “The Final Season” and assume when this batch of episodes finishes it’s run, that would be the end of the series. They would be wrong…it only marks the halfway point. AoT’s final season was split into two parts, like Season 3 was, and what we’re seeing now is just the first half.

The last episode of Season 4A appeared in Japan last night. and contained a short mini-trailer hinting at Season 4B and suggesting when we might see it. Said trailer is embedded below:

So when does the FINAL final season appear? The trailer says the episodes should begin running “next winter.” Considering we just got OUT of winter, I think we have a long wait ahead of us. But it can’t be helped…the manga this is based on hasn’t published its final issue yet. That issue will be out next month, at which point MAPPA will get to work.

Attack On Titan’s fourth season has been very different from the three that came before it, taking place after a time jump of several years. Instead of the struggles of the remnants of humanity against an unknown, nearly unstoppable horde of naked giants, Season 4 is mainly about a military conflict between two nations, with the heroes of Season 1-3 caught in the middle.

The series has also experienced a shift in animation studios, though fortunately, that has been less noticeable. Wit Studios handled the first three seasons, and they did some amazing work. The baton was handed to MAPPA for this season, and though nothing’s blown us away, we haven’t noticed any serious drop in quality.

There are still several things we don’t know yet, like how many episodes Season 4B will have (Season 4A had 16). Expect Attack On Titan’s really really final season to begin broadcasting at least nine months from now, wherever fine Funimation products are streamed.