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“Astro Boy Reboot” Teaser To Debut March 21 (Updated)


AstroBoyReboot_2A teaser trailer for the upcoming French cartoon Astro Boy Reboot will be shown at the convention MAGIC in Monaco and released simultaneously online to interested fans worldwide on Saturday, March 21 at 4:15 PM GMT+1 local time (11:15 AM Eastern). Fans who submit their email address at signup.astroboy-reboot.com will be sent an access code to view the trailer on the video website Vimeo.

3/20/15 update, 3:20 PM: An email update issued Friday afternoon has promoted the Astro Boy Reboot teaser trailer release for the new time of 9 PM GMT+1 (4 PM Eastern).

First announced last June during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Astro Boy Reboot is a a co-production from Shibuya Productions in Monaco, Caribara Production in France and Tezuka Productions in Japan. The cartoon is another project born from Tezuka Productions’ ongoing effort to co-produce localized iterations of Osamu Tezuka’s iconic boy robot worldwide, following its collaboration with Nigeria’s Channels TV to reinterpret the character for a preschooler audience with the cartoon Robot Atom.

As for Astro Boy Reboot, the show has been billed as a contemporary reimagining including “positive things from the past version and new elements” according to comments to Variety by Shibuya Productions’ Cedric Biscay in 2014. More recently, an email update announcing the teaser trailer’s debut at MAGIC commented that “It will be different from the original show, both design and concept-wise. Nonetheless, Tezuka’s values remain unchanged, because they made Astroboy into the hero that stayed in our memory.”

Now over fifty years old, Astro Boy was conceived by Osamu Tezuka as the story of a feeling and superpowered robot created by the brilliant Dr. Tenma, who sought to revive his dead son Tobio after a lethal accident. Unfortunately Dr. Tenma rejects and discards his creation when it becomes clear it is not perfect replacement of his child, but the kindly Dr. Ochanomizu takes Astro in and the robot uses his abilities to fight for justice on behalf of both humans and other robots like himself.

Astro Boy Reboot is planned for an initial run of 26 episodes and will be targeted at children between eight and twelve years of age. The cartoon is being produced with a combination of 2D and CG animation techniques.