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Astonishing Retro Anime Animations, Created By One Man


If you’ve never heard of a man named Paul Johnson, you’re in for a treat today. Johnson is exceptionally skilled at recreating the hyper-detailed, shaded-to-an-obsessive-degree animation of 1980’s anime OVAs. The downside is that no one hires him to do it, so he has to work on his creations in his off-hours. Last year he created a sensation with his seven and a half minute action cartoon based on the 1994 Star Wars video game “Tie Fighter.” According to Johnson, it took four years’ worth of weekends to finish.

It’s really something else. Johnson’s efforts go to the extreme here at a fully-rendered 24 frames a second on characters and some backgrounds. Not even the old anime videos moved this fluidly.

Now Johnson is working on another video game adaption: a faux-anime based on the classic arcade shooter R-TYPE. He’s been tweeting out his progress, one bit at a time….

How is it done?? Johnson provided some behind-the-scenes looks into his process through this video….

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