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Ash’s Pikachu Now Exists In Multiple Forms


Ash has had Pikachu follow him around for twenty years now on TV, but is he escaping into other mediums? How many other promotional forms of Pikachu can be found in the wake of the release for the I Choose You movie?

Over the past few weeks players of Pokemon Sun and Moon have been able to acquire special versions of Pikachu that are wearing one of Ash’s hats from the cartoon series. Now the promotion is expanding into other forms of Poke-merch. Beginning on November 8, 2017, anyone who purchases at least $25 worth of products relating to the Pokemon Trading Card Game will receive a pack containing three of six special cards depicting “Ash’s Pikachu,” wearing one of the hats.

Like the video game giveaway, six variations will exist in all, but not everyone can have all of them. You can get a pack of special Pikachu cards by buying TGC cards online at Pokemncenter.com, Target.com. ToysRUs.com, ToysRUs.ca, Walmart.com and Walmart.ca. They’ll also be available via brick and mortar at Gamestop, and EB stores in Canada and Australia.

And there’s more: Ask’s Pikachu will also exist in plushie form! Officially referred to as the Pikachu Wearing Trainer Hat PokĂ© Plush, this 16-inch-long electric rodent comes with a detatchable version of Ash’s original anime hat (there appears to be only one variation, but it’s the one most people want). You can find the new Pikachu plushie at Nintendo New York, Toys R Us, Gamestop and EB Australia, as well as online at Pokemoncenter.com and Target.com.

Ash’s Pikachu, in all its forms, will only be available for a limited time.