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Ash Ketchum Gets Fan-Requested Pokemon in Latest Pokemon Journeys Episode

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

One of the fun elements of the Pokemon franchise in terms of the main anime is the question of what Pokemon Ash Ketchum will capture in the various regions. Some of them are obvious (he’ll capture at least one starter Pokemon and one Flying-Type Pokemon) but others are surprising or even epic in their selection. Pokemon Journeys has been taking this on in a fun way as well, with Ash getting Pokemon that you can easily describe as “long-anticipated” or even “fan-requested”.

And in Japan (where the series is airing weekly versus the Netflix model that America and others have to partake in), another major fan-request for Ash has come true as a key evolution has just come to pass:

For those who are unaware, Lucario was a Pokemon created during Gen IV, also known as the Sinnoh Generation. Upon arrival it was dubbed one of the coolest Pokemon in the generation, and even had a whole movie dedicated to it. Ash and Lucario have met multiple times over the course of movies and the animes, including facing multiple trainers and Gym Leaders who had them, but Ash himself never caught one.

But then, in Pokemon Journeys, he was given an egg that hatched into a Riolyu, the pre-evolved form of Lucario, and fans were eager to see Ash get his Lucario and now it’s coming.

Journeys has been amazing fans almost since the start of the run with its atypical format in terms of adventures and what Ash does in order to advance in the current league he’s in. With this latest Pokemon get, fans are no doubt going to be wondering who else he gets because it seems at this point that the sky is the literal limit.

Part three of Journeys is set to hit the West on December 4th.