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Art And Cast List Revealed For Netflix’s Inside Job

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One of the highlights of my career was when Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch retweeted one of my newsposts. He was furious that I’d credited him as the creator of Inside Job, an animated series just announced by Netflix, when he was actually the executive producer. He said I was everything wrong with journalism today. And I thought “WOW! Alex Hirsch noticed me!”

As tempting as it is to make the same mistake twice and get a second mention, the actual creator and showrunner of Inside Job is Shion Takeuchi, who also worked on Gravity Falls. Admittedly, it’s far easier to get hyped for the name ALEX HIRSCH than Shion Takeuchi. His name is right there, attracting attention like a magnet, and we have no idea who that latter person is. It’s like all those 80s movies that have Spielberg’s name on the marquee but were actually directed by someone else. “Wow, Spielberg made a ghost movie! Who’s Tobe Hooper?”

Inside Job takes place at Cognito Inc, a secret organization involved in all the world’s conspiracies. Lizzy Caplan stars as Reagan Ridley, the tech genius whose father, Ryan Ridley (Christian Slater), just got sacked from the company for being, well, a deranged crazy person. Unfortunately Reagan still has to live at home.

Other characters include Andrew Daly as CEO J.R. Scheimpough, Tisha Campbell as Gigi, the “fast-talking Head of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages and office gossip queen,” Bobby Lee as biochemist Dr. Andre, and most intriguingly, John DiMaggio as a half-man half-dolphin supersoldier. Weird mutants and other creatures are commonplace at Cognito Inc — Brett Gelman plays a talking psychic mushroom from a secret race buried deep within the Earth.

Maybe if Inside Job turns out to be really great, Takeuchi will become an industry superstar too, and she’ll serve as EP of a series that someone else created and we’ll go “LOOK! It’s a Takeuchi show!” Wouldn’t that be cool? Inside Job still has no release date.

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