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Arrow – Three Ghosts – Season 2, Episode 9

Arrow gets tossed around a few times in this episode.
Arrow gets tossed around a few times in this episode.

Synopsis: Arrow begins hallucinating – and it’s not just because he ate some bad fruitcake – while Slade makes a reappearance and Barry Allen officially becomes The Flash.

Details: It turns out that Cyrus Gold – along with some help from Seb Blood – is the guy behind the drugging of Arrow/Oliver. Felicity panics and brings in Central City assistant forensic scientist [he’s not a doctor and he doesn’t play one on TV] Barry Allen to save Arrow/Oliver by injecting him with rat poison in a very heavily medical/pharmaceutical image-laden scene that asks way more questions than it answers – the first of which is the most obvious, why is there a box of rat poison just sitting on the counter amongst all the other electronic gadgetry and is it really that easy to extract it from the box, liquefy it and stick it in a syringe for injection at what we can only assume was the proper dosage in less than 30 seconds? We think not. In any case, when he awakens, Arrow/Oliver gets all mad at Felicity for making Barry the 37th person in Starling City [or Vancouver, whichever is easiest for your mind to wrap around] and vicinity to either know or suspect his secret identity.*

Oliver then embarks on a sort of mini-adventure where he first visits Roy, Thea and Sin hanging out in a bedroom at the Queen Mansion. The trio are trying to figure out what to do about the minor technicality of Roy having one of Arrow’s arrows still stuck in his leg. Oliver, rather calmly, assesses the situation, pours some booze over the wound and yanks out the arrow then calls Diggle in for mop-up first aid [though it seems like it would have made for sense to call in Barry Allen [Grant Gustin] since he’s the guy who just injected rat poison in you, not Diggle – but whatever]. After performing his good deed of the day, Oliver hastily exits the room only to be confronted by the ghost of Christmas Shado, who informs him that he should just give up all this crime fighting nonsense before you get all your family members and others close to you killed.

Flashback #1 emerges at this time and we see Dr. Ivo and his hooligans absconding with the magic blood serum [or “Mirakuru” if you want to get all mystical about it] and ending with Dr. Ivo [and we really wonder where he received his doctorate from – the Marquis de Sade University?] threatening to kill [because that’s what doctors do] either Sara or Shado unless Oliver decides within 30 seconds which one of them to save.

Back in Starling City/Vancouver, Arrow and Diggle go on recon to track down the whereabouts of one Cyrus Gold, who was responsible for the drugging of Arrow [and we assume Diggle already took care of Roy’s leg happily depriving us of one more Thea scene] only to have Diggle come up against the humongously Superhuman Centrifuge Thief Guy – only Diggle has the smarts to run away rather than confront him further – learning a lesson from Arrow’s previous mangling from The Humongous.

While another hallucination of Christmas Slade oversees their rooftop meeting, Arrow tells Dad Lance about Cyrus Gold and Dad Lance figures he needs to organize a police team if he’s going to go for the Gold [a missed Winter Olympics reference from the writers there – and you’d think they would be on top of that one, being in Vancouver and all.

Flashback #2 shows us that big meanie Dr. Ivo shooting and killing Shado – maybe – you never know, since everybody seems to have more lives/appearances than a soap opera in this series.

This is going to sting a bit - Roy gets injected with Mirakuru blood serum by Seb Blood.
This is going to sting a bit – Roy gets injected with Mirakuru blood serum by Seb Blood.

Dad Lance leads his police team into a trap – turns out one of his team members is a mole for Seb Blood – and they get throttled with the additional damage of the chief getting killed by The Humongous and Christmas Slade returns and tosses around Arrow/Oliver in another hallucination. Dad Lance’s wounds from the trap requires hospitalization and he receives visits from Laurel and Arrow, with Arrow acknowledging that he was responsible and Dad Lance requesting Arrow to kill The Humongous for him.

Oliver then fesses up some of his hallucinatory backstories to Diggle, then takes off to deal with Cyrus. Roy had the same idea and infiltrated the blood center only to have The Humongous cut him off at the pass. Roy is captured and taken back to the basement lab of Seb Blood and injected with the Mirakuru but Arrow intervenes and gets knocked out until a hallucinatory Christmas Tommy Merlyn shows up and gives him a Knute Rockne speech. With the intent of scoring the winning touchdown, Arrow gets up off the turf and saves Roy.

Flashback #3 shows Slade awakening from his Mirakuru slumber and coming to the scene of the Dr. Ivo execution where he discovers Shado has been shot and vows revenge on whoever is responsible.

In the scenario roundup, pardner, Thea is glad Roy is alive, Seb Blood works for Slade – who we can now assume thinks Arrow is responsible for Shado’s so-called death – Barry gives Arrow a mask as an X-mas present and then officially becomes The Flash back in his Central City lab lair.

The Poop and Skinny: The title is presumably a play on the Charles Dickens classic “Scrooge” which involves three ghosts as well – from Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future.

*Regarding the injection of rat poison and revealing Arrow’s secret identity – Credibility Issues #24a and 24b.

Arrow takes a holiday hiatus until January 2014 – you can thank the CW later.

The police chief says his wife has X-mas shopping to do which is more important than his work – thus sealing his doom just as if he wore a red uniform on “Star Trek”.

Felicity is Jewish? [after making menorah reference] This might explain a few things.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Does anybody really die on this television series? No, really?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

This is the final episode for Barry Allen - from now on, he is The Flash.
This is the final episode as exclusively Barry Allen – from now on, he is also The Flash.