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Arrow – The Scientist – Season 2, Episode 8

Barry Allen - aka The Flash - arrives in his guise as a Central City assistant forensic scientist.
Barry Allen – aka The Flash – arrives in his guise as a Central City assistant forensic scientist.

Synopsis: There is an improbable attack on Queen Consolidated that brings assistant forensic scientist Barry Allen [aka The Flash] all the way from Central City to supposedly assist in the investigation.

Details: The episode opens with somebody deemed to be very strong breaking into the fortress-like warehouse of Queen Consolidated that is so well constructed with state-of-the-art materials that only two security guards with standard-issue tiny handguns are required for its safety [because if Starling City is known for anything, it’s their low crime rate and psycho-to-normal human being ratio track records]. The alleged [those lawyers always teach you to say “alleged” no matter what happens on the security cameras] strong person easily kills both guards and hauls off the industrial centrifuge so him and his kind can make more superhuman serum-flavored Kool-Aid back at the lab.

You might have been too busy laughing at all this to notice Flashback #1 suddenly intervening with Slade, Sara, Shado and Oliver traipsing through the jungle of their personal Gilligan’s Island and while they take a brief rest from their nonstop traipsing, Oliver feels this is the 75 seconds he needs to fill in some backstory on Sara to an inquisitive Shado.

It is at this point that assistant forensic scientist Barry Allen [Grant Gustin] makes his appearance on the scene, announcing in Felicity-style rapid fire language that he has been dispatched from Central City to assist in The Case of the Missing Centrifuge [apologies to Perry Mason fans]. Unofficially, Allen has invited himself onto Team Arrow but really he is there as part of his personal ruse to get close to this Arrow character and find out a little more information about him and then, of course, there is that tiny, itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy fact that he is also destined to become The Flash. But that comes later – for now, he is Felicity’s male half and the two of them merge their nerd ions to try and pin down the centrifuge thief.

After Moira’s release from prison, Isabel Rochev [Summer Glau], the current CEO [or whatever she fancies herself to be] of Queen Consolidated, is none too happy about the prospect of Moira rejoining Queen in a business capacity and – surprise, surprise – tells Oliver to be less of a son and more of a businessman.

From there, the episode suddenly has too much caffeine and gets all jumpy – leaping from Barry and Felicity working on the case to Roy and Thea discovering some bad news to Malcolm making a brief saber-rattling appearance to Moira before finally getting back to business at hand and sending Arrow out to do battle with the superhuman Centrifuge Thief. This does not go well for Arrow as he attempts to intercept the superhuman Centrifuge Thief during another robbery of another serum Kool-Aid ingredient only to get tossed around like a rag doll. Coming back slightly disheveled to the Arrow Lair, it is only then Arrow/Oliver decides to fill in Diggle and Felicity on his superhuman-powered playmate as well as Dr. Ivo and the whole seedy serum story including the punch line – that he burned the serum while he was on Gilligan’s Island.

Flashback #2 briefly interrupts with the group stumbling upon – well, gosh, would you look at that! – a half-sunken Japanese submarine in a lake [Slade theorizes that the water must have emerged from an underground source – so that takes care of that loophole even though nobody will buy it since the lake would have surely been known to Shado or Sara or Dr. Ivo or somebody long before then]. Astonishing.

...and gets to dance with Felicity at the big Sadie Hawkins Dance at Queen Mansion.
…and gets to dance with Felicity at the big Sadie Hawkins Dance at Queen Mansion.

Back to pseudo-reality, Felicity and Barry start to get more closely connected – if you know what we mean – and Felicity summons up the courage to ask Barry to the big Sadie Hawkins Dance this Saturday at the Queen Mansion and Barry accepts! Visible chills run up and down Felicity’s spine as evidenced by the dancing unicorns and hearts springing off her shoulder blades. Meanwhile, Roy and Thea get valuable on-the-street intelligence that Mayor Seb Blood is really not a nice person and is, in fact, a bad guy while Seb tries to sell his blood serum Kool-Aid crazy idea to Malcolm.

After some research that you wonder why they don’t do more of for every friggin’ scene in the show, Oliver discovers – without Felicity’s help, mind you [and it would seem Felicity would be the first to Google “Barry Allen” amongst all the members of Team Arrow] – that Barry is there because of a ruse of his own construction, forcing Barry to cough up his backstory on the spot. This includes his father getting killed by a blur when he was 11 and too young, therefore, to be influenced by drugs, but hey – at least he gets to go the Sadie Hawkins Dance with Felicity at the Queen Mansion.

Flashback #3 shows the group somehow getting to and into the half-sunk Japanese submarine and miraculously finding a crate of unused serum Kool-Aid which they have no problems – after a 30-second debate that covers all the major areas of concern – injecting into Slade just moments before Dr. Ivo and his goon squad arrive on the deck of the sub.

In the scenario roundup, pardner, Moira decides not to tell Thea that she is Malcolm’s kinfolk but does tell Malcolm she knows all about the League of Assassins, Barry has to go back to Central City, Slade gets injected with the serum Kool-Aid and appears to die [but we know he doesn’t because nobody dies on this show] and last but not least, Arrow shoots Roy in the leg for getting snippy then goes 0-for-2 against the superhuman Centrifuge Thief who also receives an injection of the serum Kool-Aid for his troubles.

The Poop and Skinny: Other than the fact that this the song is about a man desiring to love somebody like possibly Barry Allen might be desiring for Felicity Smoak or that it also contains an apology similar to the one Barry issues to Team Arrow for deceiving them regarding his intentions – there is no direct link of the episode title to Coldplay’s hit song of the same name [though we assume Chris Martin may want to speak to them about this – amicably or legally – so, at the very least, it makes it into the soundtrack].

Arrow shoots Roy in the leg and not Thea – really? – Credibility Issue #61.

No Shave November is over and Oliver needs to lose the facial hair which is dragging down his mid-air coefficient and overall aerodynamics – no wonder the Centrifuge Thief pummeled him twice.

Thankfully, another in-episode advertisement for Bose, entitled Blood Rush and featuring Felicity and Roy, did not appear or we snoozed through it – either way, a win-win.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – What Coldplay song will be the basis for another episode – “Speed of Sound” for the Flash?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

Meanwhile, Arrow gets to be beaten up twice by the massively superhuman Centrifuge Thief.
Meanwhile, Arrow gets to be beaten up twice by the massively superhuman Centrifuge Thief.