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Arrow Episode Recap – Legacies – Season 1, Episode 6



Synopsis: Oliver – aka Arrow – battles the Royal Flush Gang, a bank robbing family, for half the episode and muddles around in melodramatic personal soap operas in the rest of the episode – with the exception of the few flashback scenes where he receives hallucinogenic visits from Ghost Dad [not, regrettably, Bill Cosby].

Oliver and Diggle view the files that Arrow had no problem liberating from the police HQ computers.

Details: No extended voiceovers to lead off or interrupt us this week as we get right to the action of the Royal Flush Gang pulling off a bank heist with their combination Joker-Jason hockey masks and killing a cop in the process. This provokes Diggle to have a philosophical crime fighting debate/discussion with Oliver and leads them to an attempt to stop the RFG’s next bank heist attempt.

Flashback #1 is up next, and it features Ghost Dad – regrettably, not Bill Cosby, or even a hologram of Cosby or Jell-O or anything fun, but rather a hallucinogenic vision of his dad. Subsequent flashbacks have Ghost Dad telling him to off himself with a ghost gun, admonishing him for not following directions [typical kids], givng him Riddler-like riddles and just generally acting like a bad parent.

The flashback is immediately followed by a scene with Tommy [Eddie Haskell] and Laurel attempting some sort of on-screen chemistry that rekindles that feeling you had when took your first bite of liver and onions after your mom tricked you and told you it was good for you. Tommy is essentially trying to use his frat boy guiles – using past post-sex memories with others – really? – to get Laurel back in the sack. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…tsk, tsk. Then Moira, Thea and Oliver have a short family reunion scene where nobody seems to miss Walter much. Tommy and Thea then have a scene where Thea has the girl-hots for Tommy and…oh, who cares!?

Finally, we get back to the action as Oliver suits up – the green face paint bill must be extraordinary, good thing he’s a billionaire – and visits police HQ where we notice three things. One, Angry Police Chief Wiggum Lance must be on vacation in the Bahamas after getting drunk in the last episode; the police apparently cannot afford to pay their light bill as they like to keep their station in the dark and their security is lax [odd for a police station] as Oliver is easily able to not only get in the station bust also access the police files he needs to go after the RFG. Ooookaaayy.

Moving on, Arrow interrupts another RFG bank heist attempt and uses his special Spiderman arrow kit to snare some of the money. This leads to the RFG holding a family meeting to argue over the usual family topic – finances – and conclude that they need to pull another bank heist job. Oliver has cunningly planted a bug on the RFG dad, so he knows the plan in advance and is there to disrupt the attempt but the dad gets killed and Oliver blames both himself and his father for the RFG having to resort to a life of crime in the first place.

The episode ends with Moira and Oliver having a little quality time at the local burger joint where Moira learns to eat a hamburger with her hands and we Oliver chuckles to himself about the guy he killed but forgot to tell her about. Oopsy-daisy – maybe over coffee at Starbucks tomorrow morning.

The Poop and Skinny: First – no voiceovers this week! The Earth has moved – and in our favor. Second, these flashbacks are beginning to get tiresome – get on with the story already and let’s move past the flashback training wheel stage, please. Third, – add all future Tommy/Laurel scenes to scenes involving sister Thea as ones to either avoid entirely or use the time checking your Facebook or, for guys, going to the bathroom or to the kitchen for another beer while you await the next action scene to arrive.