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Arrow – Blast Radius – Season 2, Episode 10

Oliver tosses a little shindig at his family-owned nightclub and look who shows up - Laurel!
Oliver tosses a little shindig at his family-owned nightclub and look who shows up – Laurel!

Synopsis: New villain du jour Shrapnel is blowing stuff up in Starling City and that’s causing all sorts of stress so Arrow must put a stop to Shrapnel and all his ‘splosions.

Details: The episode opens with a random dude trying to run down a stationary Arrow with his car whilst shooting at him with a handgun – given what we’ve seen of Arrow’s capabilities in the past, we pretty much know how this scene is going to end – badly for the random dude. After stringing up the fellow, Arrow would like to know who is boss is, Ol’ Skull Mask, who has been causing no end of problems for Arrow/Oliver – but the random dude can provide no assistance in that department.

Flashback #1 wastes no time in appearing with some ham-fisted foreshadowing – after Dr. Ivo has killed Shado, Sara spills her guts a bit about how she has seen the magic blood serum [or “Mirakuru”] turn normally normal people into…”someone else”…cue dramatic music here. We’re looking at you, Slade ole buddy.

Back in Starling City/Vancouver, Laurel has a date with Seb Blood who engages in some speechifying at Verdant, the Queen family-owned nightclub, in yet more ham-fisted foreshadowing of Oliver getting all buddy-buddy with Seb – at least in a superficial way since everybody has secrets in this town.

About this time, villain du jour Shrapnel makes his presence known by blowin’ sumpin’ up – but not before delivering a soliloquy about why he’s makin’ them ‘splosions with his handy dandy Radio Shack remote control trigger device. Arrow goes to the scene of the ‘splosion and starts saving random people.

Flashback #2 shows us Slade going nutty after getting all hopped up on Mirakuru goofballs – nobody saw this coming 17 miles away, right?

Starling City Mayor Seb Blood is shocked - shocked, he tells you! - that anyone would distrust a politician.
Starling City Mayor Seb Blood is shocked – shocked, he tells you! – that anyone would distrust a politician.

Laurel is still in the preliminary dating stages with Seb Blood and apparently either doesn’t have online access or doesn’t believe in Googling her date like 99% of dating people do before first dates these days and starts asking Seb personal questions that weren’t in his Match.com dating profile – like what’s the deal with this Cyrus Gold dude and what happened to your mom and dad and why do you like chili on spaghetti? Seb fesses up some rigamarole about his mother shooting his father and him being sent to an orphanage where Cyrus Gold became his mentor and expects Laurel to fall for all of it rather conveniently.

Regrettably, Thea shows up in the episode now and Roy professes to her that he is lucky to be with her – we beg to differ – then proceeds to cut himself while attempting to get bizzay with some storeroom sexual shenanigans. Karma, is what we’d say.

Arrow meets up with Police Officer Dad Lance on the rooftop and as they are striking a deal for some information and retribution, Shrapnel strikes a nearby building. Luckily, Felicity is online and following Shrapnel’s Twitter feed and locates Shrappy from his phone signal then directs Arrow on his motorcycle to the spot where she thinks Shrappy is – only he’s not there – and Arrow is left to either interrogate a bus or get mad at Felicity, so he chooses to get mad at Felicity, who mouths off back to Arrow requiring everybody to take their necessary chill pill dosages.

Flashback #3 arrives and in it, everybody pretty much agrees that Mirakuru is what is making Slade go all nutty.

Arrow pays a visit to Seb Blood in his mayoral office to warn him to call off a planned political rally but Seb will not listen and Laurel becomes ever more suspicious of her new dating pal and begins snooping around for more information.

Arrow discovers Shrapnel’s plans to disrupt Seb’s rally with a few ‘splosions and then finds himself trapped in Blood’s office by laser beams until Felicity can help him escape by disabling the laser beams.

Everybody then heads down to the big rally where Diggle and Felicity uncover Shrapnel’s trigger mechanism for his planned ‘splosion at the rally, forcing Shrapnel to shoo Diggle in the shoulder. Shrapnel then flings a bomb toward Seb Blood but Arrow shows up and shoots the bomb in mid-air with an arrow [completely plausible, of course] while Roy saves Moira from a falling light standard with his newly found Mirakuru strength. Arrow traps Shrapnel and knocks him out, ending this episode’s threat to Starling City.

In the scenario roundup, pardner, Roy blows off a confused Thea, Diggle’s shoulder is fine, Oliver apologizes to Felicity for getting all snippy with her, Dr. Ivo contacts Sara and Slade disappears with the Mirakuru in Flashback #4 and finally, Laurel goes to visit Seb’s mom in the lunatic asylum where he placed her and discovers that he is really the one who killed his father, not her – as Seb claimed for the reason he sent her to the asylum in the first place.

Arrow is briefly trapped in a laser beam cage set up by Shrapnel, this episode's villain.
Arrow is briefly trapped in a laser beam cage set up by Shrapnel, this episode’s villain.

The Poop and Skinny: The title comes from the damage radius of the blasts Shrapnel is causing to happen.

South African winery, Two Oceans, receives a product placement in the scene where Roy initially talks to Thea before they get bizzay and Roy busts some of the bottles.

Arrow saves several random people from Shrapnel’s initial ‘splosion but none of the people seem to question his hoodiness – credibility issue #192.

Arrow’s next episode is “Blind Spot” where Oliver, Laurel and Seb take turns going at each other and Roy puts his new strength on display.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Do the people of Starling City ever complain about anything getting done?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.