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ARMS DLC Character For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Being Detailed Monday

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been one of the biggest successes on the Nintendo Switch by far. The game’s robust roster and “Everyone Is Here” approach got many gamers excited, and then, with the announcement of the Fighter Pass for the game, we got 5 extra DLC characters in the form of Joker from Persona, the Dragon Quest Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and finally Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses. But now, fans are eagerly awaiting the first DLC character from Fighter Pass 2.

We know that the character is going to be from the ARMS franchise via details given in the most recent Nintendo Direct Mini in March. But, no details have been given since then, and it’s making gamers very antsy. However, Nintendo of America announced on Twitter today that a special presentation of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming on Monday and Masahiro Sakurai himself will detail the ARMS character’s arrival and their moveset.

This kind of presentation is what Sakurai has done for the previous Fighter Pass characters, as it allows him to detail the movesets in an informal matter while also diving deep into the history of the characters and even the game development itself.

Usually the question of “What Character Will Be Represented?” is answered very quickly given the main characters. But, with ARMS, Spring Man who is the “mascot” of the brand is an Assist Trophy already, and many people think because of this and the rather coy nature of the presentation up to this point that they may choose a more fan-favorite character from the ARMS roster.

More than likely, Sakurai will announce that the character will arrive that day, or just before the end of June.

The only problem fans will have now is that there are still 5 more characters left to announce, and Nintendo has confirmed in another tweet that they WON’T be revealing anymore characters on Monday’s presentation.