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ARMS Character To Be Next Super Smash Bros DLC Character

Arms Super Smash Bros Ultimate

After a long wait, and a rather abrupt arrival, the latest Nintendo Direct arrived in a “mini” form. The nearly 30-minute Direct (which again calls into question how it was a “mini” Direct) revealed many things about a whole bunch of things. But tucked away in almost a blink and you’ll miss it thing was the reveal of the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it will be…a character from the game ARMS.

Now, for those who don’t remember, ARMS was a bold new IP that was created by Nintendo during the very early days of the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it came out mere months after the launch of the console. The notion behind the game was very simple, yet intricate. It would be a 1-v-1 fighting game (for the most part you could do triple threat matches in online) where all of your fighters had arms (or hair) that was springy. You would have weapons on your extendable limbs and do battle against foes.

Despite being a little bit out there (which is par for the course for Nintendo), the game did really well. Selling well over 2 million years in the course of just over a year (and well over a million in just a few weeks). Many feel that a sequel to the game is on the way but that is not confirmed as of yet.

However, one important thing to note is that we do NOT know which character from ARMS is going to be in the game. Apparently, because of the unique nature of the character, some extra time will be taken to prepare it (and likely the trailer for the reveal). As such, that has left many fans wondering who it will be. Though it should be noted that the main character of the game, Spring Man, is an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and thus very likely won’t be used. This was further enforced (but not stated) when Nintendo showed the entire roster for the game and noted that a character from the title would be in Smash.

We do know however when the first character will arrive, it will be in June.