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Are Xbox Gamers More Toxic Than PlayStation Gamers?

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Gaming as a whole is meant to be an escapist and fun experience. After all, it’s video games, a style of media that encourages interaction, immersion, and more. Plus, with the variety of gaming genres that there are, gaming is literally for anyone. However, with the advent of the online gaming community, a new trend has emerged that is not so good…toxic gamers. Meaning gamers who will bash, be aggressive against and otherwise troll other players. And apparently, the system this is most likely to happen with…is the Xbox.

To be clear, this isn’t a simple viewing of a few gamers, this was an official study of about 1000 gamers and they did an approved study of aggression (via a questionnaire) and observed the gamers and determined that out of all of them that Xbox gamers were the most likely to instigate toxic, aggressive and sometimes hostile methods when it came to gameplay communication. PlayStation gamers ranked 2nd, PC was 3rd, and Nintendo gamers were last, which honestly shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Another interesting thing was that they studied specifically two known toxic gaming communities via Call of Duty and Battlefield and found that while both are toxic, Battlefield players led in the physical aggression, verbal aggression, and anger categories. Yet, very ironically…Minecraft had the most hostile players.

So, does this mean that Xbox gamers should be avoided? No, it doesn’t mean that. This is but one study in a very small pool of gamers. Yes, 1000 gamers is a lot, but in terms of the console and PC players out there…it’s a pool of well over 200 million. If not more.

Though it DOES need to be said that toxic gaming does exist in various ways. Including trolling, racist behavior, denouncing the skills of female players, and more. And this is absolutely something to be avoided and discouraged.