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Are We Finally Getting Uzumaki On Adult Swim This Year?


Adult Swim originally announced Uzumaki with a target release year of 2020. If 2020 wasn’t the Uzumaki year, and 2021 wasn’t, and 2022 wasn’t even close, and 2023 was not even remotely there…will 2024 finally be the year? We’ve been conditioned to say “no,” but this time, we have a signed document, so we’re certain Lucy won’t pull the football.

“Lucy” is Junji Ito, and the “signed document” is a reecently published interview in the Japan Times. Ito is said to have informed them the adaption of Uzumaki will premiere before year’s end, and that the first episode is entirely finished. The entire adaption will be four episodes long.

Ito’s Uzumaki manga was first released in 1998. It’s not easy to describe, at least not without sounding nuts, but in basic terms, the story is about a town whose citizens fall into madness, represented by a growing fascination with spirals. They start seeing them on the walls, in the sky, on their palms. The word Uzumaki translates to “Spiral,” which is why it’s also Naruto’s last name.

Although Uzumaki was one of the first original anime productions Adult Swim announced, several others have also been announced in the years since AND made it to air. In that time, a different Junji Ito adaption has been greenlit, produced and finished: “Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre,” available on Netflix now. Though Ito blames production delays on the pandemic, that excuse will only take you so far.

In the Japan Times interview, Ito says his love of horror probably stems from growing up in a spooky house on a hill that had a “large decaying basement” connected to an old underground tunnel. When Ito went inside, he was attacked by swarms of cave crickets. “The tunnel was pitch dark, and the cave crickets there were particularly scary because they jumped around so indiscriminately.” If you had a childhood like this, you’d probably write stories like Ito too. But he had to go into the tunnel, it was made for him.

Can we cap this by saying “Uzumaki will premiere on Adult Swim in 2024′? It feels like we’re fibbing. We’re going to say it anyway, because Ito said it before us, and see if he proves us both wrong.

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