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Archie Once Wanted To Make A Metroid Comic


At the moment, Archie Comics’ long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comic is on hiatus for unknown and unexplained reasons. A few years ago, though, the company looked into expanding its video-game-inspired line beyond just Sonic. Artist Steven Butler, who has illustrated issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, revealed some concept art to the Web today that depicted what would have been Archie’s take on Nintendo’s Metroid series.

“[This is] some Metroid concept art done for Archie Comics about 6 or so years ago, when they were wanting to do another licensed video-game comic,” says Butler. He also says the drawings were made when Metroid: Other M had just come out, explaining why the drawings of Samus take inspiration from her design in that game.

If Archie was really considering basing a Metroid comic around Other M, then maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t pursue it, given the negative fan reaction to that game. But this wasn’t the only Nintendo property the company was looking at. In late 2015 a concept page from a proposed Mario Bros. comic appeared online, this one drawn by Tracy Yardley. According to reports at the time, the comic was never made because it was rejected by Nintendo, which may have been what happened to the Metroid comic as well.

Capcom was more willing to negotiate, though, and Archie ended up publishing a comic based on Mega Man, which eventually crossed over with the Sonic comic.