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Arcane Wins Big At Creative Arts Emmys


Streamers are betting big on fantasy worlds right now. HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video are squaring off as we speak with competing gazillion-dollar epics utilizing heavy CGI to make their live-action environments believable. But if you ask me, there’s a smaller outfit who pulled it off better, at a fraction of the budget.

While the worlds of Game Of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are very familiar, Arcane had little to hook people outside of its niche of League of Legends addicts. It had to do all the legwork on its own….and work those legs it did. This series hooked me from the first episode with its characters, world and impressive animated style. And last night it took home the Emmy for Best Animated Program.

Arcane’s competition for the win came from Rick And Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Marvel’s What If… and The Simpsons. The individual episodes sent for nomination were not revealed, even though they have been in the past.

The Creative Arts Emmys have two other awards centered around animation: Character Voice Over Performance and Best Short Form Animated Program. Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots won Short Form Animated Program, but it was the other one everybody was watching, as the late Chadwick Boseman got a nomination for his voice work on Marvel’s What If.

So What If….Boseman won? It was never a guarantee, and the competition was stiff, but the King of Wakanda did indeed get the honor one last time. It feels good. (For anyone about to accuse the Committee of letting sentiment influence their decision making, if being dead was the only true qualification to win this award, it would have been a tie between Boseman and Jessica Walter, who was nominated this year for Archer.)

Animated shows in the children’s category do not win awards from this ceremony, but the Daytime Emmys in July (even if their show was on a streaming service with no real time slot).