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Annie Award-Winning Gris Comes To PlayStation 4


“Gris” is finally launching on Sony’s PlayStation 4 on November 26, 2019. The video game was released last year for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch with Apple joining up earlier this year and now, finally, PlayStation 4 joining the fray. The PS4 version has been modified by gamemakers Nomada Studios and will feature two to four times higher resolution [depending on the scenes], a less-compressed musical score [to produce cleaner, crisper sounds] and a PS4 homage Easter egg.


The game follows a girl named Gris who wakes up in the palm of a crumbling statue of a woman. Gris attempts to sing, but is unable to produce sounds as the statue’s hands crumble and she drops to the drab, colorless world below. Upon her arrival in this world, Gris must collect points of light that resemble stars, with each point of light giving her new abilities and allowing her to create pathways made of constellations.


Gris’ ultimate destination is a tower where she can then travel to four new locations to collect more lights and gradually restore color to her world in a windmill-filled desert, a forest, an underwater world and a strange world where the buildings are made of light. During the journey, Gris meets a variety of living beings – some with good intentions, some with bad – until she finally achieves the final power allowing her to restore her ability to sing again, bringing life to plants and mechanical animals in the world.


Gris may now form her final constellation pathway to the heavens but must get by a particularly nefarious creature. If she is successful, she can restore both color and light to the world.


The video game won an Annie Award this year for Nomada Studio’s Adrian Garcia and Adrian Miguel for best character animation in a video game…