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Anime Studio 9 Introduces New 2D Character Animation Tools for Pros and Enthusiasts Alike


Smith Micro released Anime Studio Debut 9 and Anime Studio Pro 9 today. This latest offering allows streamlining of the 2D animation process for pros and enthusiasts alike. For Anime Studio 9, Smith Micro reached out to their community of artists to help understand their workflow and streamline the software to increase their productivity.

According to Senior Product Manager, Fahim Niaz, “With Anime Studio 9, the days of tedious frame-by-frame animation are a thing of the past. We’ve worked closely with our community of artists and animators to understand their workflow needs and the result is a powerful animation tool built to increase productivity like never before. In fact, our beta testers are unanimously saying that Anime Studio 9 is the best version yet.”

During  a demo of the software, reps from Smith Micro took us through both the Debut and Pro versions of the software. We were up and running very quickly using the existing library of characters and objects. In Debut, we added audio and lip movements to a character with relative ease using the built-in audio recorder. Both versions support pen and multi-touch control in the Wacom multi-touch graphic tablets. Although it is 2D Animation software, the Pro version is capable of mimicking 3D and has additional physics capabilities to help with the automating of the animation. Anime Studio Pro 9 is also capable of importing from and exporting to Adobe Photoshop, as well as updating in real time.

Anime Studio Pro 9 features the Smart Bones bone rigging system, integrated lip-synching and motion tracking. According to Smith Micro, Smart Bones removes distortion around a character’s joints, steps up the quality and realism of the bone actions and makes it easier to repeat complex movements and control rigged elements. The software also features a 64-bit architecture and GPU acceleration for increased speed and memory and the timeline has been entirely revamped.

Anime Studio Pro 9 is available for $199.99 and Anime Studio Debut 9 is $49.99. However, there is currently a Limited Time, Special Introductory Price in effect at Smith Micro’s website which has Anime Studio Pro 9 at $149.99 and  Anime Studio Debut 9 at $29.99. Visit here for a Debut vs. Pro comparison chart and here  for purchase page. You’ll also find Tour and Feature Overviews for both the Pro and Debut versions of Anime Studio right below. Extensive tutorials are available for both versions of the software on their website. Keep an eye out tomorrow for our full review.


Anime Studio 9 Debut Tour & Features Overview:



Anime Studio 9 Pro Tour & Features Overview: