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Anime Limited Gets To Burning A UK Blu-ray Release For ‘Martian Successor Nadesico’


Anime Limited have announced they will be producing a Blu-ray boxset for 90’s mecha satire Martian Successor Nadesico.

Future Earth finds itself outclassed by the invading robotic armies of the Jovian Lizards. In response the arms manufacturer Nergal Heavy Industries independently produces a state of the art battleship, the Nadesico. The ship is staffed by a ragtag band of otaku, including Akito Tenkawa. Although his past is full of trauma and mysteries, Akito simply wishes to be a great chef. But fate has more in store for him and he finds himself pushed to the frontline of the conflict.

The series serves as a love letter and deconstruction to other popular sci-fi anime including Gundam, Macross and Yamato.

Anime Limited plan to release the series in a complete dual language boxset, including all 26 episodes, the film sequel The Prince of Darkness and the Gekiganger III OVA. Gekiganger is a recurring meta show in the series, spoofing classic hot blooded super robot anime. This will mark it’s first release in the UK but will be presented on a DVD in the set due to lacking a HD upscale unlike the show and movie. The set is planned to contain five discs total and will retain the show’s original pre-widescreen 4:3 aspect ratio.

A specific release date has not currently been announced but is planned for within 2017