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Anime Limited Announces “Zeta Gundam” & “Eden of the East” For UK


3945739274_Eden_special-key_01Following on from their previously announced licensing news, Anime Limited have revealed they plan to release both Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Eden of the East.

Zeta is the second entry in the Gundam franchise, a sequel to the original show which Anime Limited have previously released across two Blu-ray sets. Seven years after their victory in the One Year War the Federation have placed the fascist Titans in space to deter the formation of more rebel factions. Taking to their role with brutal zeal, their actions see the formation of a people’s rebellion in the AEUG. Teenager Kamille Bidan crosses paths with the rebels during their attempt to steal the newly produced Gundam Mk-II, catapulting him on a similar path to Amuro before him.

Part 1, containing the first 25 episodes, is set to be released 29th August and was the case with the first show the first 1000 units will ship with an artbox to hold both volumes.

They will also be releasing Kenji Kamiyama’s Eden of the East on Blu-ray, though at this stage the only known details are it is planned for this December and set to be one of the companies famed premium box sets.