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Anime Limited Announces “Code Geass” Films For UK Release; First Film In Cinemas This Month


Anime Limited, in partnership with National Amusements, have announced they have licensed the Code Geass anniversary movies for release in the United Kingdom. The trilogy of films are being created like many such compilation movies in the Sunrise library, repurposing footage from the original television version alongside a selection of new footage/scenes and a brand new voice track recording.

Code Geass is set in an alternate history in which the British Empire never faded and is the dominant super power on the planet, at war with the EU and other powers (so basically the madness running through Brexiter’s heads. HEY-O!!). Nations the Empire conquers are stripped of their name and given a number. In the former Japan, now Area 11, the exiled Britannian prince Lelouch lives a normal life. But when he gets caught up in the crossfire between the Japanese rebels and the Britannia military, he ends up receiving the mysterious mind bending powers of Geass and adopts the masked alias of the revolutionary Zero to both reshape the world and discover the truth of his mother’s assassination.

(If trailer runs slowly, please change to 1080p in settings.)

The first film in the trilogy, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I – Initiation will receive a one night screening at select cinemas on the evening of Wednesday 21st March. To see which venues will be screening the film and book tickets, please visit the official website. Note that all screenings will be in Japanese with subtitles as no English dub currently exists for these films unlike the original series run which was released prior.