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PR: Anime Limited announce the theatrical release of “A Letter to Momo” in the UK


Glasgow, UK June, 05, 2013 – Anime Limited, the Glasgow-based anime licensing company and parent company of All the Anime, are thrilled to announce the UK-wide theatrical release of the acclaimed Japanese animated film A Letter to Momo.

Anime Limited is a new label that brings a fresh approach to the release of Japanese animated offerings in the UK. From the release of much loved classic anime works to introducing cutting edge, new Japanese animated cinema offerings, Anime Limited is focused on bringing the most interesting and exciting titles to the UK.

momo_03A Letter to Momo follows the adventures of Momo, an 11 year old girl whose entire world has been rocked by the untimely death of her father. Forced to leave her life in Tokyo and move to the small island where her mother grew up, Momo is tormented by a letter her father wrote to her – a letter containing only two words: Dear Momo. Soon after her arrival on the island, mysterious goings-on begin to torment the residents and Momo decides to uncover the truth behind them once and for all.

A beautiful animated feature film directed by Hiroyuki Okiura (of Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade fame), A Letter to Momo is a magical, emotional and wonderful story. Anime Limited is very excited to be able to bring A Letter to Momo to theatres around the country.

Andrew Partridge, preside of Anime Limited says: ‘I’ve had my eyes on Momo ever since it screened at Scotland Loves Anime in 2011 – we’re very excited to have this in our catalog and will be organising a limited theatrical run as soon as the dub is completed in the USA!”’

A Letter to Momo will be in cinemas from Winter 2013.