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Anime Limited Announce “009 Re:Cyborg” Dub Cast


009RE_ALL_0914_Completed_NoTC-10500_Ahead of its UK Blu-ray/DVD release in June, Anime Limited have announced the acting talent that will be portraying the characters for the English dub track of 009 Re:Cyborg.

Created by Production I.G., the film is a spin off of the popular Cyborg 009 universe. A team of humans converted into cyborg warriors must unite to use their incredible powers to save the world from a terrorist threat. The primary cast will consist of:

  • 009: Joe Shimamura    JASON GRIFFITH
  • 002: Jet Link    MARC DIRAISON
  • 003: Françoise Arnoul/Tomoe    ERIN FITZGERALD
  • 004: Albert Heinrich    DAVE B. MITCHELL
  • 007: Great Britain    JOHN WHITE
  • 008: Pyunma    MARCUS GRIFFIN
  • 006: Chang Changku    MICHAEL SORICH
  • 005: Geronimo Jr.    PATRICK SEITZ
  • 001: Ivan Whisky    STEPHANIE SHEH
  • Samuel Klein    KEVIN T. COLLINS
  • Man in Suit    GREG ABBEY
  • Navy man    SEAN SCHEMMEL
  • Dr. Gilmore    GEORGE C. COLE

Additionally voice direction was overseen by Michael Sinterniklaas and Anthony Tortorici with script adaptation by Adam Modiano.

Anime Limited’s release of the film will be a Blu-ray/DVD Collector’s Edition combi-pack, also containing the 3D version of the film. The title can currently be pre-ordered at most entertainment retailers.