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Anime Expo Preview (Screenings of Re:Zero, Bleach, Terminator Zero, more)


The USA’s biggest anime convention, Anime Expo, is just around the corner and the major anime distributors always make major announcements there. The companies have a tendency to announce what series will get coverage at Anime Expo and we’ll list what each company has in store.

Crunchyroll is going to have tons of panels and preview screenings of the first episodes of hyped anime. Premiere screenings include Senpai is an OtokonokoTo Be Hero XArifureta season three, the dub of One Piece‘s Egghead Arc, Re:Zero season 3, and Tower of God season 2.

Hidive is also having some premiere screenings at Anime Expo. Premiere screenings announced include Dungeon People, I Parry EverythingPlus Size Elf, and 2.5 Dimensional Seduction.

Netflix’s biggest attraction is their screening of footage of Terminator Zero. They most likely will reveal more goodies coming to Anime Expo within the coming weeks.

Hulu is having panels and will have a Naruto-themed ramen stand. Series they say will be covered include Naruto ShippudenBleach: The Thousand Year Blood WarSand Land: The Series, and Suicide Squad Isekai.

Viz Media’s biggest event will be a panel for Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War, including a sneak peak of part three. Voice actors Derek Stephen Prince, Robbie Daymond, and Xander Mobus will host the panel.

A few anime/manga companies are not listed on the Anime Expo schedule Discotek isn’t on the schedule. Considering the fact that they mainly do re-releases, they may not have anything that exciting to announce this year. Tokyopop also won’t have a presence, although they have drastically cut down their publishing output in recent years. Other than that, every major anime licensing company will have a major presence there. This year’s Anime Expo looks to be very epic. We will be sure to follow up on any cool pieces of info that come out of the event.

Anime Expo is scheduled for July 4th to July 7th in Los Angeles, CA.

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