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Anime Big Bads Fight In Death Battle Season 8: Madara Vs Aizen

Madara Vs Aizen

Death Battle Season 8 is racing towards its conclusion, but before they bowed out for their “legacy season”, they decided to bring forth one of the most-requested, one of the most-anticipated, and one of the most highly-contested matches ever to be asked for in any kind of versus matchup: Madara Vs Aizen. These two are some of the biggest big-bads in all of anime history, and have powers that made them basically unkillable to their foes without series backstabbing and plot devices. So who wins in a matchup between these two?

In one of the longest matches of the season, they break down every element needed to show Madara Vs Aizen in all its glory. They talk about Madara and his multiple ways that he came back to life in order to enact his “Eye of the Moon” plan, as well as how Aizen’s illusions are very OP, as well as his “ascension” into near-godhood.

This sprite fight brings a lot to bear, and so watch it below and be prepared to see what is real, what was is an illusion, and whether it was all part of the plan.

As for the season finale of Death Battle Season 8, we’re going to get a matchup that pretty much no one saw coming. You see, given that this is a “legacy season”, many people felt they would end the season with a 3D fight based on the most-popular request still out there: Galactus vs. Unicron. And it felt like it was a lock…until Madara/Aizen ended.

Because instead, we’re getting a matchup between the One-Punch Man himself, Saimtama, and…Popeye The Sailor Man. Yes, really.

Obviously, these two are bald characters who have absurd powerful levels and a “trigger” that makes them even more powerful, as well as being so OP that they’re perceived as “broken” or “Joke” characters.

So we’ll see how this shakes out in two weeks when the Season 8 finale arrives.