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Animation Abroad – BES Animation’s Kitty Is Not A Cat


In 2009, The Amazing World Of Gumball was first announced. I fell in love with the show right away and I followed its development as closely as I could, regularly doing numerous searches online for any scrap of information about it. When it premiered in 2011, I was not disappointed, and the show went on to win numerous awards and is now in the middle of its sixth season. It is rare for an animated program to make that impression on me and I do not make such comparisons lightly, but BES Animation’s Kitty Is Not A Cat is one of the most delightful cartoons that I have ever seen. Ever since I learned of it back in 2016, I genuinely believed that it would be something special, and no animated program since Gumball has made me feel that way.

Kitty Is Not A Cat is about an imaginative little girl who wishes to become a cat and sees no reason why she can’t become one. When she arrives at the doorstep of an abandoned mansion where a group of cats live, she quickly warms their hearts and they welcome her into their family. While some of the younger cats are on-board with her desire to be a cat, the “responsible” cats of the house believe it is their duty to teach the little girl – named Kitty, due to the collar on her cat pajamas – how to be human. Of course, most of the cats know very little about how to be human, which paves the way for adorably amusing antics.

One unique thing about the show is that the main character, Kitty, doesn’t speak. Because she wishes to be a cat, she only meows and hisses like a proper cat, so it’s up to the large supporting cast of cats to progress the plots. One look at the characters page on the cartoon’s website shows just how many cats there are, and each one of them has a fun personality and their own unique dynamic with Kitty; Last Chance, a danger prone cat voiced by Rove McManus, is my personal favorite. The cats also have a love for music and music is an important part of the show, which really makes it stand out.

Kitty Is Not A Cat premiered in Italy last month on DeA Kids, and has been airing on Disney Channels throughout Europe. It premieres in its home country of Australia on April 20th, on 7Two. Jetpack Distribution acquired the international distribution rights to the show outside of Asia, so hopefully they can find Kitty a home in the United States, as I firmly believe it can be a wildly successful show if given the chance. With cartoons like this coming out of Australia, international animation can add another feather to its cap, and I’m looking forward to seeing what BES Animation does next. The Jan & Rai Show looks particularly interesting, but that’s an article for another time.