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Animated X-Files Spinoff Now In Development At Fox

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A weird week of alternate, wrong-sounding takes on beloved characters and franchises caps itself off with this, an announcement from Fox that they’re looking into bringing The X-Files back for the billionth time….but THIS time in the form of an animated spinoff.

TV Line broke the news this morning that the network is now developing X-Files: Albuquerque, a series about a team who has to tackle the cases “too goofy” for Mulder and Scully…a strange notion, as the whole point of Mulder and Scully’s jobs were to tackle the cases “too goofy” for the FBI proper. How strange do the cases have to be to get passed down THIS low?

One would look at this and assume it’s Fox’s way of ripping off Star Trek: Lower Decks, but that show only just premiered this month, and TV shows tend to simmer around unannounced for a while before we hear of them. We expect the final product to look and feel a LOT like Lower Decks, however, because of who’s behind it: Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko. With Brickleberry and Paradise PD on their resume, they are the kings of generic, mediocre shock-comedy toons you forget about as soon as they go off the air. Will the art be basic, flat and Family Guy-esque? You better believe it!

The original X-Files was one of Fox’s signature programs during the 90s, and ever since the “cancellation” they’ve never let go of it completely. There have been two movies and even a follow-up revival of the show that lasted two seasons. The new episodes were of mixed quality (the worst of them had Chris Carter’s name listed as writer), but there were a few that were good enough to justify the revival’s existence.

At this time, X-Files: Albuquerque has only been optioned for a pilot script, not officially greenlit for production.