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The Animated Mario Movie Is Officially A Go


Remember when there were rumors Nintendo was pursuing an animated feature film starring one of its characters? Those kind of rumors have surfaced over and over through the years, but are we actually getting one this time?

The answer is yes — Nintendo confirmed it themselves this evening. A simple tweet appeared at 5:44 PM Pacific that stated “a movie starring Mario” was in the works, and the studio involved was also confirmed when they said “Illumination.”

There were zero details regarding a plot or voice cast, but perhaps it’s too early. We do know that Nintendo will be directly involved to the point that Shigeru Miyamoto himself, creator of Mario, will serve as co-producer. The other half of that job will go to Chris Meledandri, whose credits include (insert every single Illumination movie here). He’s the founder and CEO of Illumination.

The latest round of rumors regarding an animated Nintendo movie began in 2016 when president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed during a business address that he was looking into “re-entering the film business,” animation specifically. People wondered at the time if it meant Nintendo was going to start up their own animation studio, or if they were going to outsource. We know now it’s the latter.

When we know more about the animated Mario movie, we’ll pass along the info!