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Animaniacs’ Totally Insaney Season 2 Trailer Is Live


We’re a little over two weeks from the return of Hulu’s Animaniacs, and we’ve been finally graced with a proper trailer stuffed with clips. It contains everything you wished you could see from the NYCC panel: not just 80s Cats, but much much more.

We get the Warners as Roman gladiators antagonizing Emperor Nero, chilling on Noah’s Ark (no Hippos this time), clowning as jesters in medieval Europe, and in our present time, making Otto Scratchansniff’s life miserable as always. Pinky and the Brain are shown in space, working a barbecue, and shoved in tight quarters inside a robot body. All this is scored to “I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General,” a tune the original show would use many times.

During the NYCC panel, which guest-starred VAs Rob Paulsen, Tress macNeille and Jess Harnell, a few more things were revealed: a “massive song in the third episode about William the Conqueror” was mentioned and Harnell said the show would be parodying one of his favorite musicals. He wasn’t allowed to mention it by name, but considering what this trailer is scored with, it might be The Pirates of Penzance.

Maurice LaMarche was also there and commented that his thought was always “if they ever brought this back, it’s gonna be Peter Dinklage as The Brain and Russell Brand as Pinky, it’s not gonna be US,” but is relieved to be wrong. Harnell says people often come up to him and say “Thank you for being a part of my childhood.” His response is usually “I can’t believe your parents let us into your house.”

There is still more on the way! A third season of 10 episodes is now being worked on for next fall. Whether we get anything after that depends on the numbers this new season pulls in, so park your tush on the sofa when Hulu’s Animaniacs returns with 13 new episodes November 5.