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Animaniacs Reboot Hires Wellesley Wild As Showrunner


Still wondering who’s going to be responsible for reviving Animaniacs on Hulu? We seem to have gotten our answer today as Deadline reported Wellesley Wild has been hired as the new showrunner. Ruegger, where art thou?

If the name rings a bell (and an exotic moniker like that should, though it’s not as exotic as “Cherry Chevapravatdumrong”), Wellesley Wild has been attached to nearly every Seth MacFarlane project since Family Guy resumed production in 2005. His name was on the credits for eight seasons of the series, he co-wrote “Ted” and “Ted 2” with Seth and Alec Sulkin, and he was also involved in Seth’s unfortunate bomb “Dads.” Most recently he was co-executive producer on The Orville, also a MacFarlane production.

Someone who’s spent so much time breathing the same air as Stewie should have no problem striking the same irreverent tone that defined Animaniacs, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t still worried about this. (I mean….”Dads.”) Is he even a fan of the series? How much does he know about it?

How reassuring it would be if he would just call up someone who worked on the original show, preferably Tom, and said “Hey, how’d you like to come aboard and give creative input…you know, make this feel authentic, so I don’t go completely off the rails and stomp all over every 90s kid’s childhood? I’d appreciate it.”

These decisions are being made behind closed doors and no member of the press has been able to ask about the issue as of yet. If any of us at TZ is given the chance to interview Wild about this project, and there is still no confirmation about anybody from the original staff being involved, rest assured we will bring it up.

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