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Animaniacs Panel Scheduled For NYCC


New York City Comic-Con is coming this October! Like with SDCC, and pretty much every other con in 2020, this will be a virtual event with the cast and producers of all your favorite shows, and anticipated shows yet to be, appearing on a computer screen. And the biggest news is that during NYCC, we’re finally going to get some substantial news on the return of Animaniacs. It only took until less than two months before the premiere!

In attendance at the Animaniacs panel will be executive producer Wellesley Wild, co-executive producer Gabe Swarr, and the voices of the Warner Siblings: Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille and Jess Harnell, and the voice of Brain, Maurice LaMarche. Details state we will get an “exclusive first look” at the show, so presumably this is finally when we’ll get a trailer.

Not only that, we finally have something new to look at, though we’re not sure if it was intentional….a new poster image leak, posted on Instagram:

The Warners, Pinky and the Brain have never looked better, but who are those people standing on top of the water tower? ENHANCE:

No, we weren’t crazy….there really appears to be a muscular naked caveman with a giant chin up there. Beside him is a woman with glasses staring down menacingly, and the figure to the right is obviously Ralph the Guard. If we had to guess — and if we’re right, this is going to be controversial — the woman is the new studio psychiatrist and the caveman is the new Hello Nurse, who Dot goes gaga for while Yakko and Wakko shake their heads in a role reversal from the original.

We have no theories on who the kid in the jacket with the microphone could be. It’s anyone’s guess.

Animaniacs returns with baloney in its slacks November 22, exclusively on Hulu. Hopefully the fact that WB is paying for a series that can’t be shown on HBO Max doesn’t result in an immediate cancellation.